Pretty Green New Bag Collection

Buying bags isn't just a female pastime anymore. Designers are continually listening to what a man wants and needs from his carrier. For example, the simple backpack has become more stylish as an accessory for men to wear, either to the gym, when travelling or for everyday use. With so many gadgets, phones, ipads, earphones, wallets, keys etc, men need a bag almost as much as women in modern day living.

Pretty Green is one brand that understands what this means and they have a great range of bags from their new season collection, they even have a tote!


Paisley Jacquard Holdall, £125


Check out Pretty Green's full Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, a season where they have taken inspiration from the music, iconic people, and places at the forefront of the 60s era, which is pretty close to the brands hearts. It was a period of expression and change that gave rise to some of the most influential music of all time. Britain exploded into sound and colour.

Watch their video campaign below:

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