Luxury Bathtime Essentials


One of the most relaxing things to do in the evening is have a bath (with a bathroom that has a locked door!). Most people jump in the shower throughout summer for convenience and it's not quite the same having a bath on a summers evening (that's for sitting in the garden with a beverage) especially when it is warm - instead of making you all cosy and warm it makes you all hot and bothered. So when it comes round to Autumn and Winter again, I absolutely love to take a bath. 

But it's not just a quick dip, it's a ritual, otherwise what's the point?! At the end of the day, after a tough day at the office or a tough day with the kids, a half hour unwinding and letting your mind free does wonders for your mental state. Play some quiet music if that's your thing but make sure you cannot be disturbed. So wait until the kids go to bed or your other half has gone out for a run. I remember my poor mother used to lock herself in the bathroom for her peaceful bathtime and warn us all not to disturb her, so my youngest sister use to pass notes under the door to her (for fear that shouting in or knocking on the door would result in an early bedtime!). 

Luxury pampering at bathtime deserves some luxury products:


Before anything, set the scene. So while your bath is running, light a few candles making sure one of them is a scented candle to fill the bathroom with your favourite aroma. Then just before you get into the bath turn out the main light and relax with a perfect ambience. My favourite scent is Baies by Diptyque £45, a lighter fragrance that is not too overpowering for a smaller room. The above candle holder is the Kelly Hoppen Plaza Votive in silver, £25. Ok, so with that in order, now for some bath essentials:


Elemis Aching Muscle Soak is one of the best products you could put into your bath, not least because it genuinely helps relax and alleviate aching muscles. Packed full of therapeutic ingredients, this foaming bath soak provides a deep heat aroma remedy. £38.


Cowshed is a very reliable and loyal brand when it comes to body care. From its beginnings as a spa in a converted barn, Cowshed has developed a range of natural skincare products using the very best organic plant extracts and essential oils. Indulgent textures and scents inspired by the English countryside create a spa-like at-home experience. The body wash costs £18.


Shed dry and flaky skin with this gorgeous radiance body scrub from Elemental Herbology. This scrub contains so many gorgeous ingredients to leave your skin soft and nourished. It leaves a film of moisture on your skin that lasts as long as any body cream. So your skin is exfoliated and moisturised with this one amazing product. It costs £32.


One of my favourite fragrances ever is Byredo Bal D'Afrique so I love to finish off my luxury bathtime with this body lotion and smell the lingering scent for the rest of the evening (and when I put my dressing gown on the next morning the scent is still on it). This fragrance was inspired by a mix of Parisian avantgardism and African culture. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It costs £44. (The hand cream in this fragrance is also divine).

After all of this indulgence, you will be rest assured a good nights sleep!