Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette is an all in one for all seasons and all occasions. From day to desk to date to disco, this beautiful new palette will take you everywhere. The 12 colour-coded shades is suitable for any woman, no mater her age.

With four different looks, the limited edition palette is versatile and perfect to take in your handbag when going from the office to an after work date out or if you are heading away for the weekend and want to rock a few different looks while away but don't want to have to carry many different eyeshadows. The gold suitcase packaging is stunning. Very glamorous, as you would expect from Charlotte Tilbury.


The four looks include:

The Day Look for a fresh, natural eye makeup look, with a delicate matte cream, shimmering neutral brown & taupe matte perfection.

The Desk Look with pink champagne, chocolate brown & caramel shades, this smokey eye is the perfect power of makeup look for work.

The Date Look has sultry, shimmering mauve-cocoa and chocolate shades for the ultimate smokey, soft and dreamt eye makeup.

The Disco Look is the go-to party eye! Indulge with black and emollient-rich molten gold for a dramatic rock chick look.


I love that Charlotte Tilbury always makes it easy to navigate her eyeshadow palettes. Rather than just giving you a palette of 4 colours, she shows you how and where to apply each shade. So, when it came to a palette of 12 shades, she split them into 4 looks with 3 eyeshadows each. So you don't have to spend ages working out what colours go with what and for what occasions. She has done all the hard work for you. That's not to say of course you can be a rebel and use one colour from the day look with one colour from the date look. It's your palette! It's easy to be put off palettes with 12 eyeshadows as you tend to use only a few shades. But the genius that is Charlotte Tilbury has taken us by the hand and showed us what to do.

As an avid fan of Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadows, I can totally vouch for the superior formula and complete pleasure in using them. 

Watch Charlotte take you through each look below: