Girl Crush Lip Crush!

Get a fresh modern stained lip look with Bobbi Brown's new Crushed Lip Colour. Rich in vitamin C & E and beeswax, this lipstick provides a very nourishing balm like feel but giving a soft matt lipstick look. The look that is being created with this lipstick is more of a tinted lip rather than a defined lip look. Almost like you've been eating a lolly or a handful of raspberries and they have stained your lip. 

The lipstick glides on easily, you don't even need a mirror, just one or two swipes and you're done, leaving you with a just kissed lips look! One swipe gives you a blotted down look and two or more swipes gives you a more intense lip colour. This is their most wearable lipstick yet (and the others are good!). As the days goes on the lipstick will start to soften around the edges but rather than looking like it is wearing off, it sort of enhances the look that this lipstick is trying (and succeeding) to achieve. So you don't need to obsess with topping up your lipstick throughout the day but feel free to add a top up swipe at lunchtime.


With 20 shades, they offer a substantial collection of colours to choose from, nudes, pinks, corals, reds, plums and more in between. They cost £24 and the only question to be asked is 'Which girl crush are you?'