Dress Up Your Home

Dressing up our homes can be as much fun as dressing ourselves. Just like we may add a colourful scarf to an otherwise neutral toned outfit, or a piece of jewellery to inject an element of fun, adding key pieces to your home from time to time can keep things from getting boring and change the entire look of a room. A new throw or a change of lighting can have a bigger effect than you might anticipate.

With these stylish interiors, your house will become a home, just in time for Spring!


SKOGSBERG & SMART - Hurricane lamp, £275
Obviously, this isn't just a lamp! It's a work of art, hand-blown in Bohemia, which looks as good when not lit. These lamps come in various sizes and metallic finishes of Silver, Gold, Bronze or Rosé.


TORI MURPHY - Hamilton large spot cushion, £64.95
There is no better way to change the look and feel of your living room or bedroom by changing your cushions. It adds a different colour to the mix or just adds colour to an otherwise neutral room. Keep things modern and up-to-date without having to spend a fortune.


LOUISE MADZIA Flower Planter, £95
We are loving this illustrated planter, very modern with a minimalistic feel to it. Use it for flowers, plants or home trinkets.


GUCCI Flower Print Oval Metal Tray, £795
Carry your drink through on this amazing Gucci tray and you will be the envy of all your guests. In fact I would find somewhere in my house to leave this sitting out at all times, perhaps on a coffee table or on the sideboard in the kitchen. This needs to be on display.


LINEA Recharge Serve Dipping Dishes, £25
Although these are dipping dishes that will come out when serving up food, I don't see why they couldn't sit out on display in the kitchen or even the living room with little bits of pot pourri or decorative stones when not in use.


MOLTON BROWN Orange & Bergamot Home & Linen Mist, £26
I love reed diffusers, scented candles and anything else smelly about my home but I also love to have a room and linen mist to hand, just to spray about if I get last minute guests arriving or to freshen up a room or towels in the bathroom.


TASCHEN Interiors Now, £15
A coffee table book always makes for a good home accessory. They look cool sitting on a sideboard (or a coffee table!) and never fails to impress visitors. And if you have a spare five minutes in between jobs, it's good to take a flick through this interiors book and delve into a world or creative art.


SLOWDOWN STUDIO Mooney Throw, £250
A throw is a fabulous way to accessorise your living room or bedroom, to inject a bit of colour or design where elsewhere it may be lacking. Go for something different, like this one, to create an element of abstract print. Designed by English artist Daniel Fletcher, this throw was handmade in America with cotton that was grown, spun and woven in North Carolina.


ONE. WORLD Claymore Tall Glass Bottle with Stopper in Antique Silver, £95
This decorative statement piece, in an antique finish, could take centre stage on any sideboard or table. It speaks for itself.