How To Wear The Pencil Skirt!

Some fashion items never fall far from the front line. They may take a back seat now and again to make way for more serious contenders at that moment in time but they are never 'not on trend'. One of those items is the pencil skirt. A most flattering, feminine and strong look, the pencil skirt is a favourite in the office. It's the perfect, respectable length but not sensible because of its figure hugging silhouette. However, the pencil skirt is currently featuring heavily out of the office. So, the question is, how do you take it out of the office and make it a statement piece that is not akin to the boardroom?

First, leave the corporate colours for the office and opt for bright pastels or strong colours like yellow or patterns like flowers, animal print, checks or stripes.

Secondly, rather than a skin tight pencil skirt, try something a little more slouchy, like a combat style, or relaxed in fit.

Finally, the material can make a huge difference to the look of a pencil skirt. No one is going to wear an embellished pencil skirt with lots of detail to the office. So think of materials like organza, voile, sheer finishes that show zips and pockets and what's underneath (usually another layer of something like a fine jersey material) and skirts finished with embellishments like sequins, crystals. And of course, don't forget the leather pencil skirt.

We're trying to achieve strong feminine attitudes without the tailoring. Avoid killer heels and wear with shorter heel lengths like a kitten heel (some height is required). Finish off your pencil skirt with a t-shirt or a top that is more loose fitting, nothing too tight.

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fashion, editorBy Kerrie W