Insights: Every Woman Should Have A Dressing Table.


Every woman should have a dressing table. Even if it's just a space on top of your chest of drawers. A place where you house all your personal treasures, your makeup, jewellery, perfume, hair accessories. If you can have a table with a chair, even better. It creates a sanctuary where you transform yourself and preform your own little rituals to prepare you for the day ahead.

My bathroom is my haven, it's the place I like to take time to pamper myself, take my makeup off, maybe exfoliate, maybe put a mask on and relax in the bath. Or jump in the shower in the morning to revive myself and get the blood flowing. But my dressing table is where I do the opposite, it's where I get ready for the day. It gives me ten or fifteen minutes in the morning (unless I have washed my hair in which case it is longer) to sit calmly with all the personal things I love around me that make me feel good and get ready to face the day ahead.

I love my dressing table. It has a set of drawers where I keep my makeup, nail polishes and hair products. My makeup is sectioned (by muji trays) by eyeshadows, lipsticks, brushes, eye pencils, blushers, mascaras, foundations & concealers so I know where everything is and it's just a case of deciding which one to wear that day. I am generally a tidy organised person so I love to have everything in its rightful place. And then the bottom 2 drawers house my hair products and hair appliances (hairdryer, straighteners and curlers). On top of my dressing table is my mirror, my jewellery boxes, a few trinkets and my perfume. I like to keep my perfume in view (even though it should be stored in a dark place) because I love the display of bottles and it's alway the last thing I do before I leave my bedroom.


Back when I used to have a makeup bag to hold all my makeup, I would hate rummaging through it to find the one thing that was guaranteed to be buried at the bottom. Now I just need to open my drawers and it's all there. I only use a makeup bag if I am travelling and I take only what need. I find it quite therapeutic in the morning picking up different eye shadows and blushers to decide which one takes my fancy or matches in with the days outfit.

So, if I have a shower in the morning, I can sit down at my dressing table, put my makeup on, apply products to my hair, dry and style my hair, choose what jewellery to wear and spray the fragrance that inspires me that day. I step away from my 'space' transformed, put together and ready for my day, wherever it's going to take me.

I quite often like to light a scented Diptyque candle (my favourite scented candles), if I have more time to spare or on the evening if I'm getting ready for a night out, or when I am taking time out to re-organise my space.


It's important to have a little corner in your home that is for you and your 'me' time. Somewhere where you can spend a little time to create your own headspace and prepare for the (quite often hectic) day ahead. It's like a few moments of meditation.

editorial, insights, editorBy Kerrie W