Health Tips: What Your Breakouts Says About Your Diet


Our diet plays a major role in our health and well being. If we are not looking after ourselves in terms of what we eat, this will manifest itself in many ways, one being the effect on our skin. Breakouts are usually associated with poor diet, which is what this article is discussing, however before we go any further, don't dismiss other reasons you may be having a breakout, like stress, hormones, unsuitable skincare products, sweating or a fringe causing spots to the forehead.

In terms of diet, though, breakouts on the forehead, t-zone or chin can be linked to certain types of foods which may help to explain why you always get spots in a particular place and help you do something about it.

Breakouts on the forehead are linked to problems with your digestive system, so your body is working harder to flush toxins out of the body. Perhaps you need to increase the amount of water you are drinking to help this process. It may be a sign that you eating too much fast food or fatty foods, rich indulgence meals or too much chocolate. These are the things you need to be considering if you are getting too many spots on your forehead.

An oily t-zone usually indicates problems with the liver, so the obvious culprits here are alcohol and diary. Again, we don't need to be told often enough to drink plenty of water and avoid these types of food/drink.

Spots on the nose area are linked to the heart, so high blood pressure. Reduce your salt and fat intake and eat more fruit and vegetable to promote a healthy heart.

And breakouts on your skin show concerns with the stomach, so improve the health of your stomach by eating more fibre to aid digestion and reducing rich heavy foods. An excess in diary products can cause problems in this area, so cut back on yoghurt, milk and cheese and look to foods like kale and spinach to get your calcium. Breakouts on the chin can also be related to hormonal problems and whilst we can do little to avoid this, a good clean diet will help.

Hopefully this will give you a little guidance and a starting point to research further any particular breakout concerns you have. A healthy diet with lots of water intake is a great starting point for anyone fed up with breakouts.

lifestyle, food, beautyBy Regina Turk