Insights: The Easiest Way To Get Organised


This article isn't a long list of ideas on how to get your life organised, it's not actually a list of any size. It is one simple idea that has helped me profoundly: use the reminders function on your phone! This might seem obvious but hear me out!

I use this reminders function for almost everything I need to be reminded off. Again, sounds obvious, but isn't it often the obvious things that slip through the net. Like your friends birthday, which just happens to fall on the first of the month and until you turn your calendar over you don't remember about it. I have a very small diary that I use for birthdays, anniversaries, personal occasions, when my car is due for MOT, things like that. But, then what I do is every month I look ahead to the following month and set reminders in my phone to send that birthday card, or book my MOT in or whatever needs attention that month. It's a system that is working very nicely for me and rarely lets me down.

I put almost everything into reminders, hair appointments, spa appointments, when the bin needs to go out (and which bin it is that week!), even a reminder to call my mother if I haven't spoke to her recently. I'm sure I'm not alone but my evenings can disappear on a weekly basis. Sometimes I head into my home office after dinner to sort out a few things and before I know it, it's nine o'clock and there is no way I'm getting into an hours conversation with anyone. Eight thirty is my cut off point to make phone calls. Another night I may do a few household chores, get engrossed in a book and a week or two could go by and I realise I haven't caught up with any of my family or friends. So, if I actually set a reminder in my phone to call someone, I'm more likely to do it, maybe not on the night that the reminder flashes up, just as I'm about to sit down to a cup of tea and my favourite show, but I will move it forward to the next night and I will make the time to call my friend or one of my sisters.

Other things might seem a bit extreme to some people but it works for me and I'm sticking to it. Like exfoliation. Yes, I exfoliate my face with the very effective Zelens Exfoliating Pads but I find I only need to do this once a week. From one week to the next I forget when I last did it and to ensure maximum benefits I remind myself when to do this on my phone. And at risk of sounding like a complete nerd one reminder that has been working so well for me has been my reminder to dry body brush. I read up on the benefits of dry body brushing a couple of years ago and started to incorporate it into my life. Until I kept forgetting about it and I was dressed and sitting at my dressing table before I remembered. Then I placed my dry body brush in the bathroom so I would see it first thing, which worked for a while until it became part of the furniture, I was in and out of the shower, with so much else going on in my mind, before I remembered. The problem with dry body brushing (and the only one because the benefits are brilliant) is remembering to do it as soon as you get out of bed. So, the only thing I do before I get out of bed is have a quick look at my phone. Now, every morning I wake up, look at my phone, see it tell me to dry body brush and then as soon as I get out of bed I do it.

Life is busy. We all having many things to do. We are only human, not robots. We probably spend too much time on our phones, so why not use that phone to help you get organised with the mundane, although necessary, jobs that need doing. Forgot to stop at the shop for milk on the way home from work again? Set a reminder at 5 o'clock before you leave work! Little things, bigs things, ridiculous things, it doesn't matter. If it works, it will organise your life (and your mind) and make it less stressful in the long run.

Give it a go and see if it helps you.....