Charlotte Tilbury's New Brightening Youth Glow

New promises from Charlotte Tilbury. Has she ever let us down before?! This time it's with her new product Brightening Youth Glow Primer. As well as it's title suggests, i.e. gives a brightening youth glow, it is also a colour correcting, moisturising primer, so it will even out your skin tone and blur imperfections. A makeup and skincare product in one (it contains anti-ageing ingredients). 

Charlotte Tilbury's Brightening Youth Glow is quite the universal primer. We all want a blank canvas to start our makeup i.e. no redness, even skin tone, reduced pores, but with an added glow that will shine through once we apply our makeup. However, this primer is great to wear alone on no makeup days as it gives you a clear radiant and glowing skin. You can also apply it under the eye area to brighten it before going in with concealer.

This primer is a little more subtle than Wonderglow. Whilst Wonderglow is not mistakenly about adding glow to your face, the Brightening Youth Glow is more about adding radiance to your complexion and combating dullness and at the same time blurring imperfections. There is an increasing number of 'glow' primers on the market but if you are after something a little less 'glow' but more of an overall radiance with all the other benefits of a primer, then is certainly one to try. It costs £38.50.