Zelens Power D Drops

I love to use many products from many different brands. I don’t believe that your skin is better off by only using one brand. There are too many fabulous products on the beauty market to deprive oneself from the best of everything. However, if someone told me that I could only use one brand forevermore (no expense spared), I would undoubtedly choose Zelens. It’s not cheap, but that aside, it is probably the one brand that I trust more than any other. There are plenty of products that I trust but I can’t think of any other brand in its entirety I would trust as wholly as Zelens. And to go one step further, if I had to choose one product within Zelens to use, it would be Power D. I don’t know who is putting all these hypothetical constraints on me but I’m trying to build up just how amazing Zelens Power D really is.

Imagine a cold winters day and you put on a faux fur coat, one of those days that you almost want to go out because you know you won’t feel a thing as long as you wear your faux fur. Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out. You are fully protected from all the elements and you are all warm and fuzzy inside. Well, Zelens Power D does this for your skin. It builds up the resilience in your skin to protect anything that has the potential to stress your skin, for example, the environment, acne, rosacea and dehydration. It acts like a barrier.

This product will leave your skin, first and foremost protected, plumped, supple and generally healthy looking. I know it’s difficult reading reviews on skincare products, as they all like to use the same words, but when you read Dr Marko Lens (founder of Zelens) product descriptions, you feel confident that he is a man who knows his stuff - he is an internationally renowned authority in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer and is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in London. This, and the fact that I have used his products regularly, is why I trust him so much (just in case you are wondering, I have never met him).

If you aren’t sure what you should be using on your skin, maybe because you are trying to fight many skin concerns, then Zelens Power D is a perfect product because it has literally been formulated to deliver multiple skincare benefits.

It can be used morning and/or night and before your serum and/or moisturiser. I only use it in the morning (at least four times a week) because personally I feel that the protection I want is from environmental aggressors. I don’t suffer from acne or other skin conditions (although I do have dehydrated skin) so I don’t feel like I need it at night as well as in the morning. How often you use it really depends on the condition of your skin.

I can’t recommend it enough. It costs £115 and I get a good 9 months out of it (bare in mind my usage). It’s available at zelens.com, cultbeauty.co.uk and lookfantastic.com.