D.S. & Durga X Duran Duran


Brooklyn’s hottest perfume house, D.S. & Durga and one of Britain’s most iconic bands, Duran Duran have come together to create a new collaboration distilling four decades of hits into scent.

With a four-piece limited edition collection, inspiration for these fragrances has come from personal stories in fragrance, weaving career highs and childhood memories into aromatic nostalgia.

If you wish to bottle up some of the fabulous memories from the 80’s when Duran Duran where everywhere, from Top of the Pops to your bedroom wall, then you may just be able to do so, with each scent having been created from specific memories for the band, when they were making music for us to long lust over, even years later.

The range, exclusive to Liberty London, has perfect names to go with each scent (you may know one or two!):


D.S. & Durga X Duran Duran
Hungry Like the Wolf Pocket Perfume 10ml, £75

- smells just like it sounds, think leather and woods under a pale, powdery haze. It features notes of leather, atlas cedar, cade, sandalwood and patchouli that capture the vibrant energy of the original music video.


D.S. & Durga X Duran Duran
Come Undone Pocket Perfume 10ml, £75

- evokes an immaculate dream made from breath and skin, think herbaceous spices with an alcoholic edge. Come Undone features rebellious notes of saffron, coca leaf, geraniol and tonka.


D.S. & Durga X Duran Duran
Skin Divers Pocket Perfume 10ml, £75

- captures love in an aquatic landscape, think salt water, citrus and blooming florals. Skin Divers features hyper-fresh notes of seaweed, blue water, ylang ylang, vetiver and bergamot citrus.


D.S. & Durga X Duran Duran
You Kill Me With Silence Pocket Perfume 10ml, £75

- captures cold, silent woods in torment, think smoke, ice and incense. You Kill Me With Silence features moody, hostile notes of smoke, cistus, ice and incense.

beautyBy Victoria Surtic