Lisa Eldridge To Launch Her Own Makeup Line

Lisa Eldridge is not only one of the best makeup artists to the stars and the red carpet, she is also a youtube megastar who teaches us how it is done. Her softly spoken, soothing voice is well known to our office at Laundry and our homes. We have all learned so much from her and to be honest she becomes quite addictive to listen to.

After all the knowledge and recommendations on which products to buy, she is finally launching a beauty line of her own. She has collaborated with Lancôme on many occasions since becoming their creative director in 2015 but this is the first time she has created her own line. Yesterday’s announcement was a limited edition range of three lipsticks, all of which fall within the colour family of her signature lip colour red. Just in time for the party season!


Lisa Eldridge Lipstick in Velvet Morning


Lisa Eldridge Lipstick in Velvet Jazz


Lisa Eldridge Lipstick in Velvet Ribbon


Before the announcement yesterday, Eldridge posted on her twitter account a hint that ‘something is coming’ with a quote from Andre Breton, “Objects seen in dreams should be manufactured and put on sale”.

The cruelty-free lipsticks will be available on Lisa Eldridge’s website from 19 November, at £26 each or £75 for the trio. We will wait in anticipation to see if Eldridge will expand on this initial makeup launch.