What Men Want Trailer

Something to look out for early next month “What Men Want”.

Inspired by the hit romantic comedy ‘What Women Want’, this movie is about a female sports agent working in a predominantly male environment and feeling pushed out. This all changes when she develops the power to hear mens thoughts, which of course she uses to her advantage. I mean, how easy would all our lives be if we could hear men’s thoughts (I’m sure they same the same thing about us!).

Taraji P. Henson plays the main character, Ali Davis, and if you have seen her in Empire you will know and love her. We are massive fans of Cookie in Empire and if only some of her character (yes, we know she’s playing a different role) comes across in the movie it will be fun to watch. Initially there was the worry that all we would see is Cookie Lyon but to be honest this is a must see for us just because she is in it and we love her.

Whilst the original might be a little dated now, the concept was funny and taken to a modern day movie (as in 18 years later) with the roles reversed promises to be highly entertaining. Watch the trailer below:


In cinemas from 11 January.