Cosy Autumn Comforts


Although it’s been autumn for two months, it’s only now really starting to feel like autumn. The leaves are well and truly on the ground, a touch of frost greets us early morning, scarves and hats have come out (not quite ready for the gloves yet), even the faux fur coat has had an outing or two (perhaps more for fashion reasons though!), stews are starting to grace our dinner plates, more books are being read and box sets being watched, candles are being lit most nights and warm soaks in the bath are more frequent. Just a few of the things that are a hint autumn is here and we are approaching winter.

I love the changing of the seasons, whichever season it is I welcome it and the familiarities they bring. Spring can be an impatient wait for summer but Autumn is one of the more enjoyable seasons, especially when the clocks go back and the evenings draw in. I love closing the curtains and getting all the lights and candles on. If you don’t like the dark evenings, try this year to embrace it. Get your home autumn ready by making it all nice and cosy. Have a few throws at the ready for snuggling up on the sofa, light your candles, keep a few lights on around the house so that you are not always walking into the hall or the kitchen in the dark (I always keep the hall and kitchen lights on).

One of the things I hate about autumn is Halloween, I just don’t like it. But one of the things I love about it is when I start to think about Christmas. I don’t usually start shopping until December but I like to start thinking about what I what and what I want to buy family and friends. And my favourite yearly gift is the fabulous Liberty Advent Calendar which of course arrives at the end of October and sits starring at me for another month before I start opening all the drawers, one by one (I have sneak peeks up to this point).

Another autumn favourite of mine is my autumn (and winter) wardrobe. I love getting into my cosy knits and boots, particularly when you can go out without a coat because your chunky knit keeps you warm enough. No false tan worries - opaque tights and long sleeve sexy evening tops at the ready! I find myself wearing more skirts and dresses in the autumn/winter because I can wear tights and boots with no bare leg prep.

Ok, I just remembered another thing I don’t like about autumn, actually it’s more winter, and that’s winter skin issues. Cold outside air and warm central heated inside air plays havoc with my skin but I have mastered it over the last few years - to put it simply (check out winter skin tips) layer up, just like you would with clothes.

I don’t know about you but I am ready to enjoy the long dark evenings tucked up at home with hot candlelit baths and warm evening meals and when I get a beautiful crisp day, my autumn wardrobe is at the ready.

Here’s a few autumn essentials that will come in handy: