Achieve Hollywood Glow With Charlotte Tilbury

If you want to achieve Hollywood glamour courtesy of the queen of Hollywood makeup herself, then let Charlotte Tilbury show you how it is done in the tutorial below.

This make-up masterclass will show you how she created a radiant complexion and the perfect red lip on model Jean Campbell for her shoot in the Vogue October 2018 issue. A look that quite a few of us will be trying to achieve this Christmas.

Glowing skin is most flattering and once you have achieved this, the rest of your makeup will look fabulous. You may need a little practice with the red lip if you are not a full time red lip wearer. There is just more room for mistake with a red lip but it’s not rocket science and after a few practices from watching this video you will have mastered it.


Good luck with all your Christmas festivities! All products available at Charlotte Tilbury.