Chanel N°5 Limited Edition

Before we even think about writing our Christmas gift list this year, please take a moment to absorb the beauty that is this limited edition bottle of Chanel N°5. This most iconic perfume of all time can now sit on your dressing table in Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour: red. I’m mean, let’s face it, this is a collectors item.

Chanel N°5 is the very essence of femininity. It’s familiar powdery scent can never be missed when someone walks past wearing it. It’s one of the more ‘grown up’ fragrances within the Chanel perfume collection, which is why most of us remember our mothers wearing it. Even if you don’t like Chanel N°5, you will still know it for its iconic status.

A perfume as magnificent as this, and can conjure up many memories, is rightly deserving as the best selling scent in the world. It may remind you of the scent your mother wore, the first time you sneaked into her bedroom for a spritz (thinking she wouldn’t know, really?!), maybe you wore it on your wedding day.

Whether you wear it as your signature scent or keep it for special occasions, this fragrance is one to be cherished. So, if you wish to treat yourself or someone you love, who in turn loves Chanel N°5, then indulge in this limited edition iconic red bottle.


Chanel N°5 Limited Edition is available at Harvey Nichols.