Marc Jacobs Re-produces His Famous 'Grunge' Collection of 1993

Lady Gaga wears Marc Jacobs ‘Redux’ collection on the cover of Elle. Source: @themarcjacobs

Lady Gaga wears Marc Jacobs ‘Redux’ collection on the cover of Elle. Source: @themarcjacobs


1990s fashion has been making a bit of a slow comeback in the fashion world, think tube tops, scrunchies, bum bags, flannel shirts,Doc Martens, flared jeans and general oversized clothing. At this time, Marc Jacobs was one of the first designers to pioneer ‘grunge’ and so for his Resort 2019 collection, he has simply re-produced the iconic Spring/Summer ‘92 ‘grunge’ collection for Fred Perry (which received much criticism at the time and got him fired). This time round the collection is called ‘Redux’ and will feature 26 of Marc’s favourite looks from the original collection.

Although there is still a lot of details to be released about the new collection, we are left wondering if it will have the same kind of impact as it did first time round. Back then it wasn’t just about the clothes though, 90’s fashion was also about a youth culture movement, it was all about having a carefree attitude and wanting to be free. So, will we see more of the elegant slip dress, flimsy silks and loosey-goosey beanies?!

After a difficult few years in the fashion industry, this could well be the collection that boosts the brand back up there where it belongs. Fashion history comebacks have worked before. But at a time when most designers are forward thinking and looking for the next best ‘new’ thing, Marc Jacobs is taking us back in time. 90s Revival! A bold move, perhaps?!

Watch closely for more news on Marc Jacobs ‘Redux’ Collection, due to drop this month.

fashionBy Kerrie W