The Best Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are something that I once tried as a teenager and thought ‘Forget that!’. They were, undoubtedly, cheap ones, grabbed half of my eyelid and appeared to do absolutely nothing for the pain endured….so zero payoff! And even worse case scenario, is when I lost a few of my beautiful youthful eyelashes, wondering if they would ever return…..they did, of course! So, eyelash curlers became something I just didn’t get.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I began wondering if everything that was heading south could be perked up with an eyelash lift. My eyelashes do naturally curl but what I didn’t quite realise for some time was that they were curling down and round instead of up and round. Before youth left me, I believed that eyelash curlers were for people who had straight eyelashes and actually needed help to curl them. Now I realise they are equally effective for lifting your eyelashes. I began the hunt for a more expensive pair that wouldn’t nip me or pull half my eyelashes out. The ones I invested in were from Surratt……

“Surratt's award-winning Revelée Lash Curler is ergonomocally designed and hand-calibrated in Japan to deliver unprecedented results.

Designed to comfortably sculpt a perfectly fanned, widened and lifted lash, this high-performance beauty tool curls even the straightest, most stubborn lashes without crimping or pinching. Its expertly engineered ergonomic design features soft, spongey, rounded silicone pads which capture a perfectly smooth curve and a long-lasting lift while minimising breakage.”

It is quite a revelation when you lift your eyelashes up. Your eyes become more awake and bigger, even before you have applied mascara. These eyelash curlers are very soft and comfortable to use, I think only once in three months of using them I went in too close and felt a slight pinch (my fault though). It’s actually quite difficult to pinch even if you wanted to test this.

One thing that I didn’t expect from these curler was how they separated out all of my eyelashes ready for mascara. Once you get them to the root and squeeze you can see how they fan out. So your mascara slides on without clumping your eyelashes together. I really was rather impressed.

Needless to say Surratt’s Revelée Lash Curler has become my best friend.