Discover the magic of StorySign This Christmas

Our favourite Christmas advert this year is without a doubt the one from Huawei Mobile UK. Remember that beautiful little girl, Maisie Sly, who starred in the Oscar-winning moving The Silent Child?! She takes centre stage in this Christmas Advert from Huawei Mobile UK, directed by Academy Award-winning director Chris Overton.

Many of the 32 million deaf children in the world struggle to read. StorySign is the app opening the world of books for deaf children this Christmas and beyond with Huawei powered AI. It was developed in partnership with the European Union of the Deaf and the British Deaf Association to ensure it is a genuinely useful tool, as well as to raise awareness of deaf literacy and to inspire people and organisations to get involved by supporting their local deaf charity.

Watch this beautiful video below, word of warning though, it may make you cry:


To find out more about this app and how to donate to the charity visit

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