Beauty Tips: Learn From K-beauty


It seems the beauty industry is going crazy for K-beauty and with very good reason as they are years ahead of the rest of the world. If you aren’t up to speed yet, K-beauty is South Korea’s beauty industry, an industry that is taken very seriously and ingrained in people from a very young age. Its popularity has caught on resulting in its trends coming to the West.

We have been told by the beauty experts for years about the importance of skincare, cleansing your skin is essential, double cleansing is crucial, once to remove makeup and then to actually clean your skin. Never ever to go bed without taking your makeup off. Then serums, treatments, moisturisers etc. Admittedly, this is nothing we haven’t heard before, but before South Koreans even think about putting makeup on their face, they start with skincare. Their ethos is that when you have great skin, you don’t need makeup to cover blemishes and imperfections, makeup is simply enhancing your skin and adding a pop of colour and definition.

Whilst we typically stick to the three steps of cleanse, serum and moisturise, in South Korea, they can have anything from seven to twelve steps of skincare, layering gentle natural products for optimisation. I’m not sure I’m ready to take on up to twelve steps of skincare and I enjoy looking after my skin. I don’t feel like it is a chore, I love pampering nights with a mask added in. However, this winter I have already increased my usual daily skincare regime to four; cleanse (double cleanse at night), hydration booster, serum and moisturise. So, I’m all for listening to what they have to say.

We don’t want to be overloading our skin with unnecessary products, which is why K-beauty is all about innovation and trying new ingredients, all of which go through much more research than other countries. The focus is on health and hydration and unlike our need to suntan, they prefer the pale no sun damaged skin.

And of course we all know about the glow! K-beauty is about achieving this glow from your skincare regime ensuring that glow exists before makeup touches the skin. They invest their money on products to make the skin look amazing, not products to cover it up. So, as you can imagine makeup is about light foundations that won’t cover your skin but will even out skin tone and cover possible blemishes. The cushion foundations and cushions blushers have been inspired by South Korean beauty.

At a time when people, particularly young people, are becoming more aware of their skin and the environment, K-beauty is very much welcomed and influential. This isn’t just a market aimed at women, men in South Korea are much more ahead of their Western fellow men, embracing skincare and makeup with confidence.

So, if you want to know the secret to looking youthful, next time you are on the lookout for new skincare or makeup, you would do well to check out Korean brands. Their sheet masks in particular are a great place to start.

beautyBy Sophia L'Nech