Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

A product that has been getting quite a lot of hype is the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. Longwear foundation has definitely come a long way from the thick cakey products of the past that covered everything (even the good bits) and created a matt mask on your face. More longwear foundations are offering the luminous radiant glow that we insist on having in any base, unless you are the oily type, or course.

The word radiant has never been more appropriately used than in the title of this foundation. There are luminous and healthy glow foundations but with the new Nars Longwear Foundation, the word radiance sums it up to perfection. It creates this fabulous glow to your skin which gives you, well, radiance!

It's not a drying product but it's not really a moisturising product either. It's somewhere in between. If you have particularly dry skin, I wouldn't say this is the foundation for you. Although it's not drying, when you first put it on it can appear dry but it does settle into your skin beautifully. I had a slight patch a dryness on my forehead and it did settle into it at first but admittedly it blended into my skin after 20 minutes or so. So if you have very dry skin, you might find this a problem.

When applying this foundation, you need to work fairly quickly. It's not a particularly fluid product where you get lots of time to blend in. This one, although easy to work with, needs prompt action to blend into the skin. You need very little product so go easy to begin with. I got caught out a few times and picked up too much product, even when I thought it wasn't enough. A little spreads a long way. The beauty with this product is that it is weightless despite the fact that it is full coverage and long wearing. I use a foundation brush to apply it but your fingertips work just as well.

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation comes in 33 shades so you will have no problem finding a colour to suit your skin tone. It's a 16-hour fade-resistant foundation that improves skin by the hour. At last, longwear foundations have upped their game; long lasting, light weight, breathable and with much requested radiance!

The Nars Natural Radiance Longwear Foundation costs £35.

beautyBy Sophia L'Nechmakeup