Beauty Tips: Eyeshadow Application


Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of imagination and thinking outside the box to play around with makeup looks and achieve different looks with the same products. It's very easy to be conventional and use powder eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush for a particular look and if you want a cream product, then take your cream stick and swipe it across your lids and smudge in with your finger.

Well, what if, you take your most preferred powder eyeshadow and apply it with a wet brush (dampened to be exact). The results are a more pigmented dramatic look!!

In particular, if you have moved away from powder eyeshadows and prefer the popular cream eyeshadows, then this tip is perfect for you because you can achieve your own cream eyeshadow with products that you have already. No need to buy a whole new set of eyeshadows. And if you wake up one morning and decide a quick brush of powder on your eyes is all you can manage then you have that option too.

So, dampen your brush with water or spray it with mist, take the powder from your palette and mix it on the back of your hand to create a cream product. Layer this onto your eye until you achieve the desired level of intensity. 

Another favourite way to use this technique is to take an eye liner brush, wet it and dip it into a darker shade and apply it along the top and/or lower lash line for a dramatic eyeliner look. You can achieve a softer smokey eyeliner look this way rather than a more definitive line that you get with an eyeliner.