Sexy Shoes Without The Killer Heel

Women aren't always prepared to step into killer heels in the name of fashion. Yes, we will do it when we need to, especially if it's car to bar, but on occasions when we favour comfort, we must forego the high heel. It hasn't always been possible to tie sexiness and smaller heels/flats together. But thankfully we are having a moment in the shoe department where high heels are not the only artistic shoe. 

Small heels have been given some serious fashion investment. You don't have to opt for flats anymore. There is a heel height that is just enough to not make you feel like you are wearing trainers but also you don't have to break an ankle to look good. These shoes look just as good as killer heels and I'd be surprised if you weren't opting for these more often than not! 

We've gone shopping to pick out a few of our favourite pairs to give you an idea on how to perfect the sexy shoe that you can walk in all day: