Beauty Tips: Get A Healthy Complexion With Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient to eat in abundance to give you energy with lots of other benefits. Well, much the same as this, it has great outcomes when you use it in your skincare products. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants for the skin.

Vitamin C, which is more likely to appear as ascorbic acid in ingredient lists, will protect your skin against environmental aggressors, such as sun damage and pollution, and ageing. It helps to prevent these toxins from getting into the skin and therefore doubles up as an anti-ageing product because it is protecting these aggressors from breaking down the structure of the skin. It is also a powerful ingredient to create a glowing complexion by helping to even out skin tone, plump the skin and improves discolouration. 

Skincare products with this powerful ingredient will help to brilliantly boost collagen production and increase hydration levels so your skin will look younger for longer. It's the collagen, naturally found in the outer and deeper layers of the skin, that gives the skin its firmness, structure and elasticity. The potent antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients in these products will help to tackle problems before and after they occur, it helps the skin to heal itself. And as well as all of this, its anti-inflammatory properties helps to calm the skin down.

Due to its strong ability to protect against environmental stresses, vitamin C products are best used in the morning, however this doesn't mean they shouldn't be used at night as this damage can continue to affect your skin through the night.

If this is an ingredient you think your skin could benefit from then look for it in products like serums and moisturisers, basically products that remain on your face (as opposed to cleansers that you remove).

One thing to remember when buying products with vitamin C, is that they destabilise when they come into contact with the air, so you need to think about the packaging. Buy small amounts that can be used quicker than larger containers, go for opaque bottles or containers that have air controlled devices, so that as little air as possible is getting to your product.