Health Tips: Eat Your Water


Drinking water is one of the most important, if not thee most important, practices you could do for your health. Although we might not always do it, we certainly know the benefits of doing so. From helping to flush out the toxins in your body to improving the efficiency of every single function the body has to perform, drinking water is the ultimate health tip.

However, next to this good habit is eating your water. Whilst water that you drink passes through the body aiding all the necessary functions of the body and eliminating waste, water intake from your food is water that is retained within the body, also very essential. Water intake from food is absorbed much slower and therefore stays within the body for longer and works more efficiently. 

Most foods that we eat will contain a certain amount of water but there are certain foods, fruit and vegetables in particular, that are high in water content. And these foods also tend to be low in calories and have many beneficial nutrients and minerals. So it's win win all round. Remember though, that it is better to load up on more vegetables than fruit (watch your sugar levels with fruit). A further tip for getting the maximum benefits from these foods is to eat them raw or only lightly cooked (the more you cook the more water and nutrients you will lose).

Water rich foods include iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, courgette, watermelon, celery, radishes. So if you think salads, you are on the right track. If you don't like salads on their own, add a side salad to your main meal in the evening, drink a smoothie in the morning with spinach, pear, carrot, orange or any other water rich foods. Another great way is to snack on raw vegetables (carrots, red pepper, cauliflower) with some hummus. Or make a big batch of soup for the week ahead.

A great simple recipe that I like to make in the warmer months in particular is a cucumber and watermelon salad. It's more of an afternoon snack really but if you add in a few more salad ingredients, it would make a perfect lunch. It's very quenching and I actually crave it on a warm summers day or of I'm feeling somewhat dehydrated. 

So, next week, when planning your meals, think about water rich foods and start to slowly incorporate them into your diet. You will notice the difference.