'A Fantastic Woman' Film Review

Released today in cinemas and On Demand is the critically acclaimed Sebastián Lelio film A Fantastic Woman, an oscar nominee in 2017. A sensitive non-sentimental story about a trans woman who faces an every day struggle against her will. Following a period of happiness, where Marni is a singer in a bar and is very much in love with her much older boyfriend, she is left devastated when he dies. However, society does not allow her to grieve in the normal way most get the sympathy and support to do so. 

The unfounded suspicions of those around her begin to take over her life as her boyfriends family suspect her of being after his money and the police follow her suspecting foul play. She is permanently fighting against the world to be herself.

Daniela Vega, who plays Marni, was the first trans woman to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. She plays an amazing role in the film.

Watch the trailer below: