3 Easy Updos By Sam McKnight

Before we go any further, I know what you are going to say, '...come on, this is Sam McKnight, he is a professional hairdresser, we can't re-create this...'. However, this is Sam McKnight! He is a prefessional hairdresser! And if anyone can teach us how to create these updos it's him. He's made this tutorial for us amateurs.

Vogue has created this video with Sam McKnight, whose a contributor beauty editor for the magazine, to help us achieve 3 easy updos; a faux bob, romantic braids and a sixties chignon.

I'm particularly loving the faux bob, it's genius and looks really easy. I have a bob style haircut already but I can't wait to get my hands on my sisters long hair to try this one out. It doesn't need to be perfect as it's designed to sit untidy with a few pieces pulled out, so quite foolproof really. Even the braid updo looks quite straight forward, again it's a bit dishevelled looking so plenty of room for imperfection. Nothing is neatly tucked away, it just appears to be clipped up whichever way you wish. The sixties chignon seems a little more time consuming and perhaps one for the more experienced updo-er. But with plenty of product holding it in place, you're half way there already.

If you are interested in trying these looks and want a recommendation on what products to use, I would say Sam McKnight's product line could be a good place to start. I'll be honest and say that I haven't tried any of them yet (they're fairly new) but I do intend to and I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about them, in fact only good. Anyone who has tried them seems to love them. And they have great names; Cool Girl Texturising Spray; Modern Hairspray; Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo; Easy Up-Do (I guess this one would come in handy for these looks!).