Trainers To Be Seen In!

Trainers are mega on trend at the moment. A couple of years back, the sports brands started bringing out trainers that were 'not-for-the-gym', ones that could be worn with your jeans, combats trousers, skirts and even dresses. This was an absolute god-send because there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of trainers but until the moment that fashion declared them acceptable, you would not even dream of putting on a pair unless you were hanging around in joggers or going to the gym. So, happy shopping days which can last much longer in the comfort of trainers. 

Move on a couple of years and high end fashion brands like Off-White, Balenciaga and Vetements are taking trainers to a new limit. These are hot pieces of footwear to get excited about; trainers that are just as aesthetically pleasing as a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals. These are a work of art and we are choosing to wear them over heels, wedges and sandals. They are also all year round appropriate.