It's All About Streetwear

If you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut with your wardrobe and you are wondering what to buy and what to wear at the moment, then you could get worse advice than looking to streetwear.

Streetwear is taking over the fashion world right now. So much so that it has been moving into the luxury brands very successfully and we all know that as soon as this happens it will cascade down to the high street brands. This is happening in both menswear and womenswear.

Firstly, we have the high-end streetwear brands like Off-White, Heron Preston, Y-3, Stone Island, Vetements and Liam Hodges to name a few, brands that are making big headlines. Then we have the luxury brands like Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga and many more that are collaborating to create streetwear collections. And then of course, we have the high street who are making streetwear accessible to non-luxury brand buyers.

Virgil Abloh, the founder of one of the most powerful streetwear brands Off-White, has just been appointed as artistic director for Louis Vuitton. And you can guarantee that he will take this cultural outlook and transform the brand, bringing it up-to-date with a modern streetwear vision. This pairing is perhaps one of the most significant in terms of capturing the move of luxury brand into the streetwear fashion cult.

We've already seen the huge shift in trainers becoming a statement footwear choice to be worn with any outfit. Trainers that are 'not-for-the-gym'! This was the first real sign that streetwear was moving into the fashion world in a big way. Wearing trainers with a dress would have been unheard of before, now it is a choice that is taking over other footwear options. 

Other luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Alexander Wang have been using streetwear influences in their collection. Gucci, in it's Cruise 2017 collection, partnered with artist and former snowboarder Trevor Andrew, to create a graffiti inspired collection. It took a while for luxury brands to embrace this shift in fashion culture but they soon realised the impact it was having on the younger generation who were about to enter their peak purchasing years. And this is what they want!

You don't have to get down with the kids to adopt a bit of streetwear into your wardrobe. This can be done subtly by wearing a pair of statement trainers with your jeans or wearing a dress from one of the streetwear brands which will have that edge to it. Track pants are a bold streetwear piece and have been designed to wear with attitude and in some cases heels, you won't be accused of wearing any old pair of joggers. Chose the right brand and even a pair of sexy heels will take on a streetwear look. Track jackets aren't what you remember them as being in the 70s and 80s, they are now a cool garment to throw on, mainly because of the high end streetwear design influence. And you can never fail with a t-shirt which are in abundance in this fashion culture moment. As well as accessorising with trainers, add a bag from a designer or brand or high street store that knows what they are doing. And as far as menswear is concerned the options are limitless. 

Streetwear is here. It's making headlines. And it's going no-where.

fashion, editorBy Kerrie W