Alexander McQueen Documentary Trailer

Alexander McQueen - The man who discovered himself!


Alexander McQueen was unique in every sense of the word. He was like no other fashion designer, making up his own rules as he went along and creating designs that were shocking to many - the exact response he wanted. 

McQueen came from a working class background, not a background associated with fashion designers, so one could argue that he had to work doubly hard to make it in the creative world of fashion. He hit the fashion world at a time when it was quite bland and his attitude, his rebellion and his provocativeness caused a stir. He went against the grain and did it his way. McQueen's fashion shows were dramatic and raw, again very unique to him. Remember the bumster? And then we had low rise jeans!  He dressed the strong independent woman.

The film McQueen, directed by Ian Bonhôte and written by Peter Ettedgui, takes a look at the inspiring, yet tortured, life and career of Alexander McQueen. The documentary includes behind-the-scenes footage, unseen clips of the designer himself and many emotional and heartfelt interviews from his closet friends and family, including his sister Janet, his close friend Isabella Blow's widower Detmar Blow and assistant designer Sebastian Pons.

The movie looks at the conflict between the creativity and the commercial viability of his business, how to rose to fame, his humour & charm and how he fell into depression. It looks at his graduate collection from Central Saint Martins, his appointment at Givenchy in Paris, through to his final show. Ultimately, it asks the following questions:

"What happens when a highly talented individual suffers from a mental health problem? Is HIV+? And feels the weight of an entire company’s employees upon their shoulders?"

McQueen premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival at the weekend ahead of its limited released in June, with a debut June 8 at London's Picturehouse Central.