Chloë Grace Moretz for Jimmy Choo

Find out how Chloë Grace Moretz wears her Jimmy Choo's in this fabulous style diary.

From the poolside of The Parker Hotel in sunny California, Palm Springs to be exact, which is the perfect weekend getaway for the star. Her get-away statement pieces are sunglasses and shoes.

“My Jimmy Choos have always made me feel flirty and sexy, while still being comfortable in myself—they make my outfits feel uniquely me, be it for a red-carpet event or Thanksgiving dinner.”

From the new Jimmy Choo collections, the actress and model shows us her favourite styles. A beautiful stylish young woman who is at the height of her career, with four films due for release this year, including one close to her heart The Miseducation of Cameron Post;

“It’s important to me that I use my platform to create and be part of projects that are progressive—especially considering our country’s current political climate. My brothers coming out showed me at a very young age that we are all equal; that love is love. It also showed me how important it is to stand up for the people whose voices are being taken from them.”

Watch the young starlet wearing her Jimmy Choo's with style and finesse in the video below. Be warned though, you will want them!