Friday Music Pick - Bearing Torches

A rock & roll band in Nashville, traditionally a country town, Bearing Torches introduce themselves with gusto and confidence in their new single Come On. They have a strong following in Nashville and with a sweep of releases due in 2018 they certainly will be expanding their fanbase way beyond the City. This is rock 'n' roll rooted in sweat, soul, and full of anthems. Catching them at one of their live shows is a must and their releases certainly have a global appeal.

The characters in their songs are universal. They fall in love, make sacrifices, go to work, and struggle to reconcile the realities of adulthood with the dreams they once had as children. Some persevere. Others falter. It's an iconic storyline that's run through some of the most defining albums in rock history, and Bearing Torches proudly carry that torch forward — hence the band's name, which evokes just as much firepower as their music. 

It’s music that fills you with gasoline energy
— Singer Jon Ellison

Fronted by  Jon Ellison, the band formed the evening he first met his wife, drummer Jennifer. ( We will be speaking to Jennifer later in the month ). They bonded over the epic sounds of Petty's "Straight Into Darkness" and Springsteen's "Darkness on the Edge of Town." Progress was fast, and the lineup quickly expanded. Ellison's brother, Joseph, joined the group on guitar. AJ Babcock enlisted as the band's bassist. After relocating from Kansas City to Nashville, Bearing Torches began working with producer Tres Sasser. Together, they recorded Someplace Like America's 12 songs during a three-day whirlwind at Blackbird Studio, where icons like Springsteen, Kings of Leon and the Killers once cut their own hits.

Their latest single "Come On" has a punky punch with a nod to the rock & roll music of yesteryear and dare we say the Britpop sound that is currently undergoing a revival in music and fashion. The band have big plans in 2018 and have lined up a number of single releases. Listen out for those and try and catch them live to hear them at their best.

So check out the teaser video below and be sure to check them out on Spotify .