Jo Loves At Space NK

Jo Loves has arrived at Space NK. This is the brand that Jo Malone, the 'English scent maverick' launched in 2011, following the huge success of her first brand Jo Malone London which launched in 1994 and which she later sold to Estée Lauder and remained as Creative Director until 2006.

Jo Loves is a project she was working on behind the scenes, Jo wanted to create a scent to capture all the memories and moments in life that she loves. This is a woman who has created some of the world's most iconic scents. If you are a Jo Malone fan you won't need any convincing as to the uniqueness and exquisiteness of her fragrances.

The Jo Loves range includes a fragrance, bath & body and candle collection. Jo Malone has even changed the way in which we wear fragrance with the introduction of her most innovative product, the best-selling Fragrance Paintbrush™, a gel formula that holds fragrance and dries in seconds, perfect for touch ups during the day or when travelling.


Check out Jo Loves at Space NK