Bigger Brighter Eyes With Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has brought out two new limited edition eyeshadow palettes designed to create bigger brighter eyes. Charlotte is genius at creating products to maximise the results and desired effects. I own a couple of her eyeshadow palettes (and sticks) so I can vouch for how incredibly beautiful they are, both in terms of formula and colours. I love that her palettes are easy to use because no matter what colour palette you choose, you use it in the same way.



So, with these two new palettes, she applies each shade in a particular way, which is different to the way she applies all her other palettes, in order to maximise the bigger brighter eye concept (this isn't to say you can't apply it whichever way you want - it's your palette, have fun with it!).

Bigger Brighter Eyes in Exagger-eyes (above left) features an ivory-cream, rose-gold, red-brown and a transparent sparkle shade to create the illusion of wider, brighter-looking eyes. This palette is inspired by the sparkling, eye-widening filters of social media, so if you are an instagram lover and are a regular with selfie's, this will having you looking like a professional.

Bigger Brighter Eyes in Transform-eyes (above right) features a soft champagne gold, copper-gold, dark chocolate brown and deep brick-red shades to create the illusion of wider, brighter-looking eyes. This palette is inspired by the technology of their favourite filter effects, created with Charlotte’s expert makeup artistry technique.

As always, Charlotte Tilbury makes it easy for us to use her products with a step by step guide on how to apply it. For these two palettes, here is her step by step:


1. Apply the Prime shade all over your eyes with your Blender Brush, and use your Smudger Brush to focus on the inner corners of your eyelids.

2. Apply the Enlarge shade using your Blender Brush. You can wash it across the eye lightly or build up in the crease for a lightly-contoured effect.

3. Add instant definition by applying the Define shade along your lash line to create the illusion of brighter eyes.

4. A wash of the transparent sparkle shade will create wider and brighter-looking eyes by applying with your ring finger to the centre of your eyelid.


Watch the video below where Charlotte applies it to her model (remember, the principle is the same no matter which colour palette you are using):