Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer

Bronzer is definitely one of those products that I take extra care and attention with during the summer. In winter, a little bit to brighten up my face is more than adequate, usually a matt bronzer that just adds a hint of colour with no obvious bronze look, it's winter after all, you're not supposed to look sunkissed.

Summer however is the total opposite. I want to look like I have just spent the weekend at the beach, I want glow and shimmer (albeit subtly). I want to look like a bronze goddess. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer is my muse right now. I love hourglass products and have been wanting to try this bronzer for a while, so the minute I got into summer (mid Spring actually) I bought it and I absolutely love it. It is far superior to many bronzers and it has the added benefit of creating a luminous glow, which accentuates that golden sunkissed look. 

I haven't been away on holiday yet but I have caught a few sun rays from the lovely weather that we have been getting. Just a hint of colour on my face as I keep it well protected, in fact it's mostly just a few freckles that have surfaced. When I put this bronzer over my face and on top of my freckles (which I make sure I don't conceal), no-one would be convinced that I hadn't had a cheeky long weekend in Spain.

If you have ever used Hourglass's powders, you will know that they are so beautifully finely milled and a pleasure to apply. They are so soft and therefore blend effortless into the skin. The colour payoff is great so start lightly and build up your layers as required. It creates a very natural finish, which is what you should always want in makeup (in my opinion). I do believe, however, that the makeup tools you use go a long way in successfully applying makeup. I use the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush for applying bronzer.

I've had a few disappointments with bronzer, it's not easy to get a really good one, which is why I always fell back on my fail safe option, Benefit Hoola. But this time I fancied something with a little shimmer and glow while still achieving a natural finish. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer is a luxury product which creates a fabulous sheen (probably more of a sheen than a shimmer, don't be put off by the word 'shimmer'), with only four shades to choose from, so no added complications. I bought luminous bronze, which is the lightest shade but it offers my fair skin lots of colour. It's a little more expensive than most bronzers (£45) but it is worth it.