How To Wear Bronzer


Bronzer is one of those products that add so much to the complexion, if applied properly and the right product is used. Perfecting your base is the first crucial step to a great makeup look. Primer, foundation and concealer is all about evening out the skin tone, concealing blemishes and imperfections while still allowing the natural skin to shine through. When choosing your foundation, pick the colour that matches perfectly to the colour of your skin, so that when you apply it, you don't actually see that you are wearing foundation i.e. it matches to your neck and there are no lines.

Bronzer is then the product that you want to use to add colour back into your face. Bronzer application is important because you want your face to look like it has been sunkissed, not that you got carried away with the false tan. Many people like to use bronzer as a contour to add definition to the cheekbones. I personally don't like contouring. I don't think it looks natural and I believe that once you have applied bronzer to your actual cheeks (not the hollow under your cheek) it automatically creates a defined look. So, the best advice is to think about the places on your face where the sun would naturally hit, along the top of the forehead, the cheeks and down the bridge of your nose. A fat brush is the best tool for applying bronzer, as you are usually covering a larger surface area as opposed to smaller more targeted areas. Bronzer is one of those products that is great at doubling up for other jobs in case of emergencies, like on the apples of your cheek for a blusher, or dusting over the lid if you need to top up your eyeshadow during the day.


Whether you use a powder, cream or liquid is personal choice. I personally get on better with powders. I always favoured a matte bronzer but recently I have wanted one with a little shimmer in it, something to add a little more glow for the summer but doesn't look like I have sprinkled fairy dust over my face. A couple of our favourites are Becca Gradient Sunlit Bronzer and Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Bronzer Powder. There's just enough shimmer in these to give a luminous finish and they come in a good range of colours. A fool proof bronzer that I always have in my makeup stash is the Benefit Hoola, both the original for warmer months and the lite for winter months, both are matte. Another popular matte bronzer is the NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer.

For liquid/cream bronzers, although I don't use them, they blend beautifully into the skin to create a fabulous dewy finish. With a little practice and patience, they are worth the effort. Cream bronzer can be versatile as well, they can be mixed into your primer or foundation to give an all over hint of colour. The NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer is a popular one.