Estée Lauder Tutorial With Lucy Williams

Estée Lauder recently filmed a tutorial with fashion and travel blogger Lucy Williams. The tutorial is intended to show Lucy, and us, how to perfect a smoky eye, which it does, but it also has lots a little extra tips which are brilliant. Like, after you have applied your foundation, take your finger or a damp cloth and swipe the bridge of your nose to remove the top layer of makeup, which may seem bizarre but it is to give the illusion that you are not wearing any makeup and your look is natural beauty. So when your nose looks bare of makeup, it fools a look of no makeup all over, just naturally beautiful skin. There are many other subtle tips that make a difference to makeup application. 

A smoky eye is probably one of the most popular makeup tutorials that we generally like to view, because although a favoured eye makeup application, it can be quite daunting to achieve yourself. Which it isn't really, with a bit of practice. It really is just a case of setting down the eyeshadow on the lid and then blending it out. It can seem more complicated when using two or three colours.

This smoky eye tutorial is all about achieving a summer smoky eye, so a softer more daytime look. And I must say, they do make it look easy, which to my mind means, despite the fact that Estée Lauder's beauty director Violette is a professional, it's not rocket science and it is very much achievable by any of us. It is an interactive tutorial, where the makeup artist isn't just talking through what she is doing, she is also getting Lucy to try the techniques herself, making you much more convinced that you could achieve this at home.

Lucy Williams is a great model for this look. A naturally pretty girl who doesn't overdo it on the makeup front. She keeps things very simple and minimal but yet still manages to achieve understated beauty. It actually sums up her look in general. She's a fashion influencer who wears her wardrobe in an everyday, yet edgy way. For example, you will see her in a fabulous flowy long summer dress but she will wear it with trainers and a denim or biker jacket.

Watch the video below to get in on the secrets of the perfect smoky eye look for summer: