Fathers Day At Liberty London

From a shirt to mens grooming to a bottle of gin, if it comes gift wrapped in Liberty London, then your gift to your father will immediately come with a little bit of extra love and attention. For Father's Day this year, Liberty London has gave us some great suggestions for presents, regardless of how much you want to spend. 

Buying for the men in your life is never easy. I don't know why this is so because there are as many lovely gifts for men as there are for women. So why do we feel like it is such a difficult gift to buy. Maybe it's because men don't have a mental wish list of the things they would like, unlike women. Or maybe it's because they are more specific about what they want, they don't trust us to buy it for them.

It's a little easier when it comes to Dad's though. Surely they appreciate a lovely gift for Father's Day, for the meaning behind it alone. When in doubt, I believe that buying something a little more obscure than what you could generally buy on the high street always works a treat. An aftershave from a niche brand, a novelty bottle of gin or some little keepsake that even if it's not used, it will look good sitting on his desk at work or a sideboard at home.


BYREDO Sunday Cologne, £105
Byredo is one of the most beautiful brands when it comes to fragrance. And when it comes to their packaging, it is classic, simple and modernly stylish. The name of this particular fragrance is quite apt for a present to your lovely Dad. For the man about town, boost his ego with this charmingly addictive, masculine fragrance of refreshing mandarin leaves, neroli flower, bamboo and green lavender, cemented by a sleek, monochromatic base of rich black amber and white cedar wood.



DR SEBAGH Replenishing Cream, £69
If he is into his skincare or you are trying to get him into it, then this moisturiser is a perfect option. It's just a moisturiser so you aren't trying to change up his whole routine or get him into products he won't use. Dr Sebagh has been an innovator in the world of ageing maintenance (his own term). What Dad doesn't (or shouldn't) be thinking about these things?!



LARSSON AND JENNINGS Lugano 40mm Silver-White Milanese Watch, £230
Buying your Dad, or any man in your life, a watch use to be boring, predictable and something you did because the one and only watch he wore broke or you really run our of ideas and fell back on the 'if all else fails' option. So much so that we've almost shy'd away from buying watches as presents. But long gone are the days where you only own one watch, to tell the time. Watches are an accessory, you like to vary them depending on what look you are going for, i.e. dressy, sporty or urban. So, it's ok to own more than one. It's a luxury to have options!



LIBERTY LONDON Distilled Old Tom Gin, £30
Gin is a minefield. It's the popular drink of the moment, the cool hipster drink. But there are so many to choose from, it's difficult to know where to start. So, I suggest you buy this one. It looks like a present. It's a cool bottle (that you could refill with any gin afterwards). Distilled for Liberty London, Old Tom gin offers an authentic modern interpretation of traditional Victorian gin, flavoured only with classic botanicals.



LIBERTY LONDON Imran Men's Tana Lawn Cotton Shirt, £130
An everyday shirt with a little more zest than his normal shirt. A classic straight cut soft cotton shirt with an iconic all-over Imran print, featuring an Eastern-inspired flora and fauna design. This design dates back to 1916 when it was originally used as a dress fabric.



NATIVE UNION CLIC Marble Phone Case for iPhone 8, £70
No matter how much he loves his new iphone and doesn't want to spoil the look of it by putting a case on it, it's up to you to convince him that he needs one, at least for wild nights out (perish the thought!) or when he's on holiday or travelling, times when he is more prone to dropping it. It will look better with a case on the back rather than cracks (the cracks on this marble case are meant to be there!).



KATE SPADE NEW YORK Keep It Together Acrylic Stapler, £27.95
Inject something a little personal into his work space, either at home or at the office. With it's 'keep it together' slogan, you will hopefully remind him throughout the day to keep his spirits high, whilst staying organised and on top of his paperwork. And even if he doesn't pick it up that often, it's stylish and will look good on his desk.