The Crown Season Three Cast Announcement

'The Crown' Season three Full Cast Has Been Announced


As soon as we see anything related to The Crown, we get excited, and this time is was because they have announced the cast for season three. A netflix drama that got many people hooked to the telly due to its hugely successful portrayal of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Perhaps because many people can relate to the Queen, this drama has been such a winner. Others before it have concentrated on monarchs and the royal family from centuries ago. But with The Crown, we get to look at the current monarch and how she progressed through the years of her reign and the, although somewhat dramatised, events surrounding her life as Queen.

Claire Foy played an absolutely amazing role as the Queen in season one and two. She was outstanding so we were devastated when we learned that she wouldn't be taking on the role on season three. Matt Smith was equally superb in his role as Prince Philip. However, as a considerable amount of time has past from where it ended in season two, it should seem apt that a new cast would come in to take over the older portrayal of the characters. Considering the fantastic job the team on The Crown did with the first two seasons, we had complete faith for season three. So, this is what we now know of the new cast, some of which were already previously announced:


Olivia Coleman, who we adore, will play the Queen.


Tobias Menzies will play Prince Philip


Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret


Jason Watkins will play Prime Minister Harold Wilson


There is no official date announced yet for season three but it is not expected to hit our screens until next year. In the meantime though, let us remind ourselves why it is we love this show so much: