Why We're Loving 'The Split'

We are loving BBC One's drama'The Split' - finally a bit of glossy, fun-loving entertainment, with strong female characters taking the lead. We have had enough complicated shows about mafia, murders, politics, which although were very stylish, were perhaps in some cases more style above substance. The Split is about good old fashioned relationships, work relationships, marriage and family. And to top it all off, it is set in glamorous London with a hefty wardrobe budget; we can't stop drooling over the outfits.

Nicola Walker stares as Hannah in this drama as the oldest of three sisters from a family of high-end divorce lawyers, a company which was founded by her parents and which she walked out of due to empty promises that her mother would step down and hand over to her, her father having walked out on the family years before. This is the first of many complicated relationships that we see, which is not surprising considering they are divorce lawyers. It is as much about the Defoe family as it is about the business and of course the interaction and complications of mixing business with family. We see Hannah and the middle sister, Nina (Annabel Scholey), the party-goer, go head to head as opposing lawyers on the same case, the tense relationship with mother (played by Deborah Findlay) and daughter, the bomb that drops when the estranged father turns up leaving one daughter reeling with anger while Rose, the youngest daughter, is curious to meet him, particularly as she doesn't remember anything about him (and she is about to get married). Married with three children, Hannah also has her own family to look after. 

Written by Bafta winning writer Abi Morgan, The Split also stars Stephen Mangan, Mathew Baynton, Anthony Head, Meera Syal, Fiona Button and Barry Atsma.

It's a six part drama, two of which have already been shown, so if you have not been watching it, catch up on iplayer and then tune in to BBC One on Tuesday nights at 9pm to watch the drama unfold. The trailer below will have you hooked: