How High Can You Go?!

We have brought you many articles on 'not-for-the-gym' trainers that are a statement footwear option to be seen in and that you can comfortably walk around in all day. And we have brought you shoe edits on the sexy shoes without the killer heels. Well, just for a moment, park all of that information and take a look at this fabulous creation by Vivienne Westwood.......



Now, we are not suggesting that you go shopping in these. But we are suggesting that you go to town in them, in many other ways. We can't stop admiring them. They are the most stunning pair of sandals we have ever seen. These are a work of art and when you are not wearing them, they need to be displayed in your dressing room area so that you can admire them always. I would even leave them at the bottom of the stairs so (when guests come round) it looks like you have just kicked them off and slipped into a more comfortable pair to chill out in around the house.

These are a pair of shoes that either the die hard killer heel wearers can boast in, or if you are just madly in love with them and not so brave as to walk far, you can still look good in them when going from car to bar. Just remember, the platform part at the front knocks a couple of inches of the heel height, which is 13.5cm. The platform height is 7cm, so really the heel height is only 6.5cm. That is if you can master walking 7cm above ground level. Interesting!

The Vivienne Westwood Nimes Alex Sandals are inspired by the iconic Alex Belt which was first seen in the Vivienne Westwood Autumn/Winter 00/01 “Winter” fashion show. The privilege of walking in these sandals will set you back £785.