5 Ways To Unwind Every Day

If you only take fifteen minutes each day to completely zone out from the world around you, it will be the best fifteen minutes of the day.

From absolutely everything, the stress of work, home life and those you love dearly. You need to recharge your batteries and a good nights sleep (although necessary) won't cut it. Because you will undoubtedly spend that time trying to fall asleep but instead thinking of all that is going around in your head, which is always magnified at night.

It doesn't have to be anything complicated or new but sometimes we just need a few tips on how to unwind. When you are wound up, it's not easy to take yourself out of this mood and quite often you end up causing yourself more stress by taking it out on those around you (who will no doubt fight back) and it all escalates. 

I'm not talking here about 'me time' where you sneak off to your bedroom and flick through a magazine or you call your best friend to bitch about all the stress you are going through and everyone that is causing it. These kind of things are 'me time' but what I am talking about here it fifteen minutes where you can eliminate all the stress and worries you have. These are moments when you can free your mind, take deep breaths and connect with your inner happiness again. 

Life is fast paced and can be hard work but unless you are going through a particularly traumatic time, what gets on top of us is just life. Nothing that we can't take time to prioritise. And these fifteen minutes are key. We are not trying to resolve our issues here, quite the opposite, we are trying to push them away for a while and take a moment of calmness. I guarantee if you try this a) your problems won't seem that bad and b) you will resolve them better.


This is one of the best ways to totally zone out all that is going on around you and within your head. It does take a bit of practice to get going because you have to learn to really switch off. There are no distractions (which is what you are aiming for) but this can be daunting at first because you are used to a hectic mind. Learning to breath out all your worries by meditating is so de-stressing. It may be worth checking out a few youtube tutorials and watching them through first and research tips on how to mediate at home (as this is probably more convenient). You only need to do it for fifteen minutes to feel the benefit.


Life is fast paced and can be hard work but unless you are going through a particularly traumatic time, what gets on top of us is just life.

This is something you probably do every day without even thinking about it. Or worst still while thinking about what lies ahead of you that day. But try having a relaxing bath in the evening, light a few candles, lock the door, maybe very soft spa-like music in the background if it helps. Try a few breathing techniques to help you relax. The aim here is to relax your mind as well as your body. Which again is difficult to do, I spend many bath times going over the days troubles. You have to practice at switching off. If you find a relaxing bath doesn't help you then the opposite, an invigorating shower, may do the trick to refresh your mind. I always remember my sister telling me, when she had a small baby, the importance of her showers. They went from a quick five minutes in the morning to fifteen minutes of pure tranquillity. Often she would hand the baby to her husband as soon as he came in from work so she could take time out. It was enough to get herself back on track.


For some people the perfect way to relax is to indulge in a mini pamper session. Taking off all your makeup in the evening and letting your skin breath can feel quite therapeutic, especially if you follow it up with a face mask. Most face mask require you to leave it on for 15 minutes and what better use of time than to lie on your bed and let it do its work. It's tempting to go off and do another job while your face mask does its work but get maximum benefits from this mini spa pampering and lie back and relax. Feel your mask drawing out all the impurities, literally and metaphorically! Drift off into a lovely daydream, close your eyes and think of somewhere you would love to be or just concentrate on taking a few deep breaths of relaxation (buy some ear plugs if need be!).


Exercise in general, whilst very good for your physical well being, is not the most relaxing of activities to participate in. It's not going to give you that all important and necessary wind down time. It can work for many in terms of fighting through stress. But if you want to totally block out the world around you for 15-30 minutes yoga is perfect, when you find the right one for you. I have tried many different yoga workouts on youtube and by far the best is 'Yoga With Adriene'. She will make you relax, think about what you are doing, help you concentrate on breathing and forget about all your worries. My mind never wonders when I am doing her online classes. I truly find myself flowing into it. And the great thing about yoga is that it is also giving you the results you would see with any workout. It strengthens your core, your muscles and your mind.


If you are really struggling with getting your mind to switch off, then help it process all those thoughts by writing them down.

If you are really struggling with getting your mind to switch off, then help it process all those thoughts by writing them down. It's quite amazing the actual transfer of your thoughts to paper will almost rid them from your mind. This is something that I personally do not do often, I prefer one of the others above but I have known myself to start writing a letter to someone regarding an issue I had. The letter never got posted but it allowed me to process what I was thinking, what was bothering me and what I wanted to do to resolve the issue. Once you write it all down, most of the time you realise that it isn't such a big deal as you think it is or you at least have talked it through with yourself. You may come to the conclusion that nothing needs to be said or you may take one or two things from it that you need to address. So, at the end of a tough day, jot down your thoughts, read through them a few times, assess what needs to be dealt with and clear your head of it before bedtime.