Ideal Home Film Starring Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd as an unlikely gay couple


Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd play a gay couple reluctantly caring for a surly boy in Andrew Fleming’s thoroughly amiable comedy. Coogan is Erasmus Brumble, a distinguished and very narcissistic TV chef living in affluent splendour on a ranch in New Mexico with his filmmaker boyfriend Paul (Rudd). Their constant bickering doesn’t hide their obvious affection. 

Dir Andrew Fleming, 89 mins, starring: Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan, Jake McDorman, Jack Gore, Kate Walsh, Alison Pill

Reviews are patchy from the US but encouraging enough to at least give us a laugh this summer.

Years before, Erasmus had a son from whom he has long been estranged. When the son is arrested and sent to prison, Erasmus ends up looking after Bill (Jack Gore), the man’s child (and the grandson Erasmus never knew he had).

Much of the humour here is very obvious. The gay couple struggle to cope. “We can’t have a kid" and so the humour begins.

The two actors manage the feat of showing up their characters’ vanities and idiosyncrasies without lapsing into caricature. At the start of the film the boy isn’t appealing at all. He’s sullen, and a bit of a brat who doesn’t speak and stuffs his face full of food whenever can. Giving us a clue that later in the film of course he will come around, nothing groundbreaking here but it is good fun.

Ideal Home may not astound us but it’s a good deal funnier and more irreverent than most recent comedy releases, so give it a go. Due for release 6th July.

Watch the trailer below.