Friday Music Pick - Florence & The Machine

Album number four for Florence & The Machines has been released. Looking back on her more wild days, 'High As Hope' is a more subdued sound to her previous albums, although perhaps more free-spirited than ever before as she reflects on the partying and hardship times of her past.

If you're expecting huge belting out tunes from the big voice of Florence, they aren't just as evident but not so much that you would not still enjoy the beautiful voice that is Florence Welch. It is somewhat inspiring to see that she has taken a different direction with this album, we see a different side to the singer with just as powerful a voice.

As much as we all love the previous three album, where we hear the band as we know them, it's time to embrace something new from them. A beautiful album well worth listening to.

And for one of our favourites, here is the video for 'Big God':



Years & Years - Palo Santo is out on July 6.