Friday Music Pick - Häftig

Häftig is an experimental collaboration between Swedish EDM producer Henrik Wallström and UK based techno and industrial sounds producer dBreathe. 

Old skool mixes with trance, techno, anthemic vocals and kick ass tunes make this dance experimentation at its best. Written without any restrictions or genre limitation  "Circular Economy" is a solid collection of material, complete with live instrumentation, amazing vocals, experimental mixes and sterling examples of peerless production skills.


Circular Economy delivers a wide range of sounds and vocal bombs into your speakers. Going into the summer, this is the perfect sound for your party to pop a bottle to. The collaboration has everything to be proud of with this first release and we hope to hear much more later in the year.

The album dropped today, 3 Aug, have a listen to the opening track Otamendi  and this awesome teaser video by Industry Design  as a short burst intro to the album.


You can find out more about future releases and the project at