Beauty Tips: The Illusion Of No Makeup



The 'no makeup' makeup look is quite a popular one, although you might not think it when browsing through instagram, where girls have applied thick makeup, with contour lines, highlighter, false eyelashes, generally heavy makeup 'the Kardashian way'. There is a reason the Kardashians wear this makeup and that is because they are permanently being photographed. If you want to look like this for your instagram photos (or a night out) then is this fine but please don't go out into 'normal' life with this makeup. The amount of girls I see walking around town with 'instagram' makeup on is unreal. This is not akin to a natural daytime look. 

So, back to the 'no makeup' makeup look, which is definitely my preferred option. I picked up a great tip recently on how to achieve and enhance this look. During the day, I wear a natural minimal look. Light to medium foundation, little bit of bronzer to fake a tan, little bit of highlighter for natural glow, a wash of single eyeshadow, mascara, pop of colour on the apples of my cheek and a sheer lipstick. 

And now for my tip, well, actually it's not my tip, it's Estee Lauder's, and probably many other makeup artists and brands, but I discovered it from Estee Lauder. Once you have applied your foundation, take your finger and wipe down the bridge of your nose to take the top layer of foundation off. This reveals the natural skin and gives the illusion that you are not wearing foundation at all. This part of the face stands out and if it is bare of makeup, it fools an overall look of no makeup, just beautiful natural skin.

I find this tip particularly effective at this time of year when you may have picked up a little sun (only a little because we all wear SPF 30, right?!) and for me this brings out a few freckles down my nose and along my cheekbones. When this is the case, I also like to rub a little off the tops of my cheekbones to reveal my freckles, just very subtly.

The first time I did this, I thought it was going to have no effect but I was actually quite amazed at how much it created a look of natural skin, just by removing the top layer of foundation down the bridge of my nose. It totally works and for those with a few freckles, it's even better (you could always dot some on if you don't have any).

A simple easy way to enhance a natural minimal makeup look to create a 'no makeup' effect.