Beach Beauty Essentials


When strolling to the beach, or walking to the poolside, most men wander along with a towel tucked under their arms, while their partner wanders alongside, or lagging slightly behind, because she is carrying her beautifully handpicked beach bag with all her (and his) beach/poolside essentials. I'm sure the only thing I ever used to take with me to the beach, besides my towel, was suncream. Now I have specific see through pouches, each with it's own, highly essential, contents. Suncream, one for the body and one for the face (I never used to differentiate), specific lip spf, which became an essential after drinking water wiped the suncream off my lip and I got burnt once or twice (took a while to figure this one out - a straw also helps!), hair pins and bands, wipes, plasters, hair protector spray, paracetamol and miscellaneous.

If you're heading off on holiday and it's been a while or you think you don't need many beauty essentials, read our list below and see if we can convince you otherwise....


CLINIQUE Body Cream SFP40, £20
Although this is a body cream, I use it specifically on my face. It's the best one I've ever used for the beach for my face. I say for the beach because I wouldn't use this under my makeup (it's too heavy) but when slathering it on all day at the beach (despite it's thickness) it doesn't clog my pores or break me out. I use the body cream because I read somewhere that the formulation of the face cream and the body cream is the same so you are getting better value for money when buying the body cream (£20 for 150ml vs £18 for 50ml). Clinique can argue this point with me if they like but I use this on my face all day every day (i.e. one or two weeks depending on holiday duration) and it doesn't cause me any adverse affects. In fact it does the opposite, it protects my skin beautifully and I'm sure my skin is in much better condition after my holiday than before it (despite the dehydration effects). The only reason I would make an argument for the face cream would be if you wanted to carry it around in your handbag (50ml is much more manageable). Perfect sun cream. I don't actually use it on my body though as I'd be out a fortune in two weeks the amount I go through (I'm over cautious).



HAWAIIAN TROPIC Silk Hydration SFP30, £7.50
I get on the best with Hawaiian Tropic when it comes to SPF protection for the body. It's not expensive (although stock up on this for your family holiday and it becomes expensive) so I can slather it on every two hours (at least) and not have to worry about skimping on it. It absorbs in really quickly which is what you need when sweating on the beach, and it smells lovely. It's never failed me and I have never burnt (again I always edge on caution - my days of burning in the sun are well behind me).



ULTRASUN Ultrasun High 30 SPF Ultralip, £6
As mention above, I believe that a specific lip SPF is essential. You eat and drink and wipe your mouth and is doing so, you rub off your SPF so regularly topping up your lips is crucial (burnt lips are not fun and can lead to cold sores which are even less fun). My advice is to buy a decent quality one but not too expensive because you will use it a lot and the sun can often melt it (specifically if it's a stick) and quite often render it useless after your holiday.



EYEKO Beach Waterproof Mascara, £19
On days that I wear absolutely no makeup, I will always apply a layer of mascara to open up my eyes. I hate it when my eyes look tired. It's actually quite amazing how only mascara can make such a difference. It immediately make your eyes look bigger. So, on the beach when I am wearing no makeup and sweating, looking not very attractive at all, I feel ten times better with mascara. But, and this is a big but, it must be waterproof! For obvious reason. And when it's called Beach Waterproof Mascara, you know it's fit for purpose.



BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Surf Infusion, £23
Blow drying your hair straight when on a beach holiday, i.e. a hot country, is just not feasible. Firstly, you sweat more than you did while on the beach that day and secondly, it's a waste of time because it frizzes just after you step out of your hotel. I mean within seconds. So I don't even bother. I wash my hair and spray this into it and let it air dry. This keeps the frizz away while achieving 'beach waves'. With tropical oils it adds shine and most importantly it has UV filters to keep your hair protected from the sun.



YES TO COCONUT Cleansing Wipes, £3.99
I don't like cleansing wipes and I don't condone using them to remove makeup. However, there are always exceptions to the rules, like at a festival. One other great use for them is when you are on the beach. You may not be removing makeup as such but you will want to reach for wipes throughout the day, especially when you are permanently applying suncream all day and your hand get sticky, or when you are heading for lunch and you want to clean your hands. There are numerous uses for them when you are stranded on a beach all day and not near facilities.