Duran Duran In Special BBC4 Tribute Night

Duran Duran, you know the ones, the iconic British rock band we screamed to in the 80's and captured the hearts of millions.....well, they have been given the run of BBC4 for the night. The 80s pop idols have been awarded a special tribute evening in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The tribute night will see the band choose the shows and films for the night and will also include a film where the band discuss their influences from the worlds of film and art. Other choices from band that will be shown are Blade Runner, Andy Warhol, the BBC science show Tomorrow’s World and cult film Barbarella.

Barbarella specifically is close to the bands hearts. The film aired for the first time 40 years ago this October. Bassist John Taylor said:

“It was while watching that late-night screening of the Jane Fonda sci-fi epic that members of a burgeoning Birmingham post-punk band decided the name of one of the films characters – Durand Durand – would make for a cool and unusual band name.”

Duran Duran embraced the New Romantics era and fused fashion, design and art with their music. The band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor will open up about the highs and lows of their career together over the forty year period.

Mark Ronson and Nile Rogers will also contribute to the programmes.

A Night With Duran Duran will be shown on BBC4 on Friday, June 29, with lots of unseen archive footage and rare demo tapes.