Vivienne Westwood X Burberry Collaboration

This is a collaboration to watch out for!

Riccardo Tisci has announced a collaboration between Burberry, the fashion house where he will showcase his debut collection in September, and Vivienne Westwood, whom he describes as 'the original British punk'.

Two luxury British fashion houses coming together. This can only mean one thing, right?! Two creative geniuses producing something what can only be a creative masterpiece. Ricardo Tisci tweeted:


Vivienne is the most unique champion of British style and has been a huge inspiration for so many of us. I am incredibly proud of what we will be creating together.!!!


The collection, which is due to be launched December 2018, will see Vivienne Westwood archive pieces being reworked. We don't know many details of the collection at this time but you can bet it will be worth waiting for.

Usually, these fashion collaborations are between high street or niche brands and the big power players. A way for most of us to get our hands on a designer piece for an affordable price. But this time it's two big power houses coming together. Which means, of course you will be paying big bucks for the privilege of owning a piece.